Don't feel like sitting in a classroom for 6 hours?

(Your loss... it's a lot of fun.) Not a problem... Safe Driver Academy offers the Improv Aware Driver Course online.

This Online Point & Insurance Reduction Course

is approved by the New York State DMV.

Just like the live classroom version,

upon completion of the


Courses, which you can complete in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home.

Based on a simple notion that defensive driving course doesn't have to be dry and boring, our online defensive driving program has undergone numerous traffic safety studies, and time after time has proven to be effective in reducing future traffic collisions and traffic tickets. Yet the course is formatted for the 5th Grade reading level, making it very simple and easy to complete even for the most technically challenged.

We will report your completion directly to the DMV, and a copy of the certificate for your insurance carrier sent directly to you. Please inquire with your insurance agent as to the amount of your total insurance reduction. You may also be entitled to additional savings if all driving members of the household complete the accident prevention course.

We allow you to log in and out of the course as many times as you like, as long as you complete the entire course within 30 days of your registration. That's New York State's rule, not ours.

Available 24/7, so you decide when and how long to study. We will keep track of your progress and will remind you where you left when you return.
10 short modules (about 30 min. each) consisting of a multimedia presentation and supporting review text.
Credit is given in 5-minute increments, so you can complete an entire course or just part of the module anytime you log in.
NO Final Exam is required. Just complete a simple 3-question quiz (you only need 1 correct answer to pass) and keep moving on to through chapters until you finish all 10 modules.
Get benefits the same day: once you are done, we will process your NY Defensive Driving completion certificate and notify NYS DMV at no extra cost. 

We will file your completion with the DMV.  You will receive your copy and copy for the insurance carrier within 7-10 business days after you complete the course, unless you pick an expedited mailing option during the registration. You should present your certificate to your insurance company or agent within 90 days after the course completion, your liability and collision premium reduction will begin immediately, retroactive to the date you completed the course. If you present your certificate more than 90 days after course completion, the insurer may issue the premium discount effective from the date presented.

NY Defensive Driving by Improv -





Save 10% on your insurance in your Pajamas!

 Plus tax and mailing fees.

online course you can receive a 4-point reduction from your NY driving record and a 10% insurance discount on your insurance premium.
Created through the joint venture with the
World Famous Improv Comedy Club, our goal is to provide convenient, fun and cost-effective Internet Defensive Driving and Accident Prevention

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